Ocak 16, 2022


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A Health Insurance Adventure with Dick and Jane – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Finally Getting Somewhere

After a sleepless night, tossing and turning, worrying whether they would be able to find a health insurance solution, Jane felt even more determined and wanted to give it one more shot. Dick, not really that familiar with the Internet was still totally stunned at the millions of web sites that carried health insurance information. He wished Jane well, but didn’t hold out much hope of success.

Jane had a shower to try to wash the sleepiness away, ate a healthy breakfast, got the kids ready for school, and then wandered into her computer room. One of the thoughts that had entered her mind the night before was that perhaps a better way to research this would be to find an expert.

Jane figured that health insurance must be a highly regulated industry, so she wondered if by changing her search criteria to look for regulatory bodies, she would be able to get the information she needed straight from the horses mouth. Jane Googled the term “Health Insurance Regulation.” This search yielded over 2 million results, but Jane didn’t even blink an eye, no longer being intimidated by these volumes.

Jane found a web site that referred to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and clicked on the link. The home page seemed to be jam packed with industry related news and alerts. This might be important later, but for now Jane just wanted the basics. There was also a Consumers link on the home page, so Jane clicked on the link. BINGO!

Right in the middle of the next page was a listing of the major insurance types and so Jane clicked on Health Insurance. This revealed a series of FAQ’s that were aimed right at the beginner. Jane then clicked on a link titled “Tips for Buying Health Insurance.” The information provided here was exactly what Jane had been looking for.

Jane called Dick to come over and look at what she had found. Together they read through the brief but so important information. The information explained how to go about ensuring that your insurance agent and the insurance company are properly licensed and that they are not acting fraudulently.

The information also went on to speak about the dangers of buying through the Internet. It spoke of being cautious when any insurance quote seems to be significantly lower than the rest of the quotes. This could be a warning sign that everything isn’t quite as it should be with this insurance company.

Dick and Jane felt that this was really great advice. Being armed with the tools to make sure that you are getting the right insurance from the right agent and the right insurance company, gave Dick and Jane the confidence to charge ahead. This web site that Jane had found also provided easy to understand information about the various types of health insurance plans, plans that are not considered health insurance and are therefore not regulated, information about consumer’s rights, and lots more great information.

Dick and Jane also realized that when searching for health insurance quoting services, they should be looking for services that also provide access to licensed health insurance agents. Quoting direct with the insurance companies was a risk that Jane and Dick were no longer willing to take.

Jane then returned to the search for quoting services, ready to take the next step.

Chapter 5 will be the concluding chapter in Dick and Jane’s Great Health Insurance Adventure. Keep an eye out for it. It should be released soon.