Mayıs 17, 2022


Convenience and Security at Your Fingertips

Are You Fully Protected by Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is always recommended to people who plan for trips, whether for business or pleasure. Do not overlook the importance or the benefits derived from a travel insurance policy. Although you have to spend extra money, it is worth the investment. It is a life savior when you are caught in unexpected situations that leave you stranded helplessly in a foreign land without any means of financial aid. What more if you are injured and need urgent medical treatment?

Now that you know the seriousness of travel insurance, the next step is to be cautious on your coverage. Make an effort to understand your travel insurance package and know exactly what you are paying for. In other words, ensure that you know what you are getting from the coverage because many people who have travel insurance are oblivious to the terms and conditions, especially those stated in fine prints. Generally the assured parties are only introduced and briefed on the common features covered in the policy. Very often they are ignorant of what is not included. This resulted in assumptions over the coverage which leads to unwarranted expectations of the insurance policy.

Although travel insurance policy covers the predictable travel misfortunes namely, delayed or lost luggage, illness, injury, theft and flight cancellations, you can be misled into assuming that it covers all other aspects related to travel. A good example is the coverage over flight cancellation. Yes, a refund is given if the flight cancellation is due to bad weather conditions, flight delays or even aircraft maintenance. But what about a terrorist attack? Are you still covered?

Well, most people will assume that they are protected, but in actual fact, the truth may be just the opposite. Majority of the travel insurance companies will not provide coverage for terrorist attacks irregardless of any injuries, property damage or any financial loss. So this brings back the question as to which areas are you really covered. We are therefore reminded to ask questions pertaining to any queries or doubts.

Asking questions is the best way to gain information, especially undisclosed details which may end up being essential to you. And it is quite pointless to pay for an insurance plan that doesn’t cover the areas of your requirements. One of the best ways to ensure a full coverage is to seek the advice of insurance specialists whereby you incorporate add-ons into your insurance policy. On the other hand, you can also request for a customized travel insurance plan which will meet all your needs. The premiums, of course, will be much higher than the standard policies.