Ocak 16, 2022


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Are You Paying More Then You Should For Car Insurance?

So, how much are you paying to much for your car insurance? Well the national average for the the previous year was around 850 dollars. If you are paying more then that you need to take another look at your insurance policy, if you are paying that or below then you can still possibly lower your fees by following the tricks and tips I’m going to show you. The following tips can help you lower your premiums but how much you save depends on your driving record and type of car.

1 – depending on the type of car you own you can ask for safety feature discounts. Does your car have side airbags or some other safety feature, if you do make sure you tell your insurance agency about those features. Most will ask but just to be safe make sure you comment about it.

2 – If you have a accident free record and your insurance company hasn’t asked you about you past make sure to tell them you’ve never had an accident.

3 – This tip can save you hundreds, get your quotes online. Getting your quotes online can really be time saving. One, you can get many quotes in a short amount of time which lets you compare rates and two, some companies give discounts for online applications. If you are unaware of a place to find quotes online there is a good link at the bottom of this article.

These simple tricks can really lower your car insurance premiums.