Ocak 16, 2022


Convenience and Security at Your Fingertips

Best Insurance Policy is an Inoculation Against Uncertainties

Insurance guarantees a stated amount of money at the completion of a specified period. Besides providing for financial security in the case of ones untimely death, it can be used to accumulate a kitty for ones old age, for financing ones or children’s education as well. It is also found that people very often take insurance just to save themselves from taxes.

Under section 88 of Income tax Act 1961, the government of India has offered tax incentives to life insurance products in India. The objective of this incentive is to facilitate the flow of funds for productive purposes. Under this offer a nominee of life insurance is entitled to a rebate of 20 percent on the annual premium payable on ones life or ones children. The rebate is deductible from the tax payable by the nominee of the life insurance. The rebate can be availed up to Rs 12000 at the most on payment of yearly premium of Rs 60,000.

The best insurance policy is the one with a proof that no one can take it away from the nominee after his /her death but only the one entitled to. One need not take out a number of insurance policies and take the burden of their management. Rather, take out only one i.e. the best insurance policy from a reputable company with a sound track record. One must ensure that ones life insurance policy pay out 15 to 30 times of ones annual income as capital when one dies.

By purchasing a life insurance, a potential customer purchases peace of mind. As such, a potential customer is all set to counter any financial crises that may come. On the other hand, the insurance companies to help the nominees meet such demand collect the premiums from other customers who face the same risk and pay out for the loss claimed by the customers. Insurance provides assistance even in times of drop in income after ones retirement.

Fortunately, a large number of private players have entered this field. As such, a potential customer has a wide range of products and services to choose from. Moreover, these many private players in the market offer products that specifically suit every type of customer. That is why the potential customers should devote certain time for life insurance comparison in India before actually applying for one. As the Indian insurance market is more diversified now with new products being launched at regular intervals, comparison of different life insurance policies help the potential customers get the best deal; it will help the potential customers reap the fruit of unique aspects of every insurance product and get the maximum profit.

With the introduction of the online facility life insurance comparison in India can be carried on via this mode as well, and perhaps, it is the most hassle free and the cheapest mode for this task. Seating within the comfort of ones home and just with the click of the mouse one can avail information of more or less all the insurance policies that exist. This facility can be utilised to clarify the jargon’s and terminologies pertaining to finance as well. One can also avail of the experts opinion on the net. With the availability of various on line communities potential customers are able to join those communities and clarify their doubts pertaining to any insurance policy. Having devoted certain time on the net one can easily find the best insurance policy in India. Before applying for an insurance policy one should be clear in mind regarding the reasons purchasing a policy. Ones reason may be tax benefit or life coverage. Only after firming it up one must apply for one. Different companies have different eligibility criteria though the main coverage areas are similar. Thus, properly going through the policies is a must to find the policy that addresses ones needs properly.