Ocak 16, 2022


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Car Insurance – General Information

It is much easier insuring your car than insuring your house as there many fewer variables that have to be taken into consideration. Generally they are just interested in the make and model of your car, your age, occupation, where you live and your driving record.

The three general choices offered are third party, third party fire and theft and comprehensive cover. Third party is the legal minimum required, which will only protect the property and bodies of others. Third party fire and theft will cover the above, and if your car sets alight or is stolen. Comprehensive is the most expensive, but will pay out if you crash your car and the fault cannot be blamed on another person.

Uninsured loss recovery is usually also available, and this will help you if your car is damaged by another person and it was not your fault. This can be useful, whichever level of insurance cover you currently have, to chase drivers who are responsible for any accidents that have affected you.

Anyone with a past history of motoring offences or traffic accidents will attract the higher end of the premium scale. However, it is always worth shopping around, especially if you have speeding offences, as there are big differences in the way that companies treat these offences, as it is very easy nowadays to collect penalty points by being caught on a roadside camera.

Insurance companies generally have a list of occupations that they consider to be safe, and others which they would rather not offer you insurance for. Other insurance companies look at what your job actually entails, for instance, an office worker is likely to get a better deal than, say, a journalist, as they are generally thought to be racing around the country following up on news leads.

Women are generally rated as safer drivers than men up to the age of around forty, when this sex discrimination becomes a none issue. This could mean that if you are a couple, it will make sense for the woman to be the main driver, with the man named as a designated second driver.

The excess is the amount that you have to pay towards any claim that you make. As long as you are prepared to accept a bigger part of the risk by paying a larger portion of the claim, you will be able to get lower premiums. It is always worth asking the insurance company for a range of quotes based on various different excesses.