Ocak 16, 2022


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Cheapest Auto Insurance – How to Reduce Your Car Insurance and Avoid Paying Double

One of the most common misconceptions about car insurance like many other things is that cheaper is better. While the price tag on a car insurance policy is often times a deal breaker, there are some thing you should take into consideration.

We all know that every day there are more and more car insurance companies popping up out there, eager to sell you a policy, and at times prices that are hard to imagine.

While this sounds great you need to ask yourself, just how good is this insurance company. If something were to ever happen and you have an accident, no matter how good of a deal you got on your insurance policy, will you have to pay anything for the repair? Some insurers reduce the price of your auto insurance by making you pay up to 80% of the repair cost!

Another trick insurance companies like to play is to encourage you to pay monthly. It is only at the end of the year you realise you have being hefty interest on the policy and guess what, they are making profit out of the interest on your monthly payments.

Just remember, when looking for a car insurance company the best place to find the right policy is on the internet. You can see exactly what you are getting charged for. The prices are up to 40% cheaper with some companies than they would charge you over thew phone. This is because they have to compete with other companies on the internet.