Mayıs 18, 2022


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Fire Insurance Coverage

What does fire insurance cover?

Fire insurance coverage;

  • Damages caused by fire.
  • Damages in extinguishing process except explosion and burning.
  • Damages such as strike, action, which may cause mayhem.
  • Malicious situations such as arson.
  • Damages caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, terrorism, storms, floods and landslides.
  • Possible unexpected damage.

Damages and situations that we cannot count, such as these, are included in the scope of Fire Insurance. Having fire insurance has a lot of coverage, so you should definitely get fire insurance to secure your life.

What does fire insurance not cover?

As with any insurance, there are some situations that are not covered by fire insurance. these;

Damages incurred as a result of military interventions that may occur in situations such as riots, wars and conflicts are not covered by the insurance. Another non-coverage element is Nuclear energy-related damages, scorching before fire occurs, and transactions made on property for the public benefit are not covered by insurance.

Does insurance cover everything in a fire?

fire insurance coverage; has made progress in covering every situation that may occur in a fire. Today, in the event of a fire, the insurance agency you have agreed with covers every damage caused by the fire, but also keeps the goods damaged by the fire smoke within the scope of insurance.

Who is responsible for fire damage?

When you have a fire without insurance, your biggest problem is, of course, the damage from the fire and the financial means to cover these damages. When you do not have Fire Insurance, you have to bear all this damage and material damage on your own. So what if you have a fire insurance? Then you don’t have to worry too much because you are not alone.

Although it varies according to the situation of the fire, most of your insurance company covers your damage and material losses in all fires within the scope of its coverage. In this case, which is the purpose of insurance, you will be the one who will be profitable, so get your insurance and continue life one step ahead. In other words, if you do not have insurance, you are not responsible for the damages and losses of the fire. If you have fire insurance, then the liability depends entirely on the insurance company.