Mayıs 17, 2022


Convenience and Security at Your Fingertips

Fireproof File Cabinets – Protect More Than Just Your Business

Imagine the scenario when your office or home is caught in a bad blaze and all your business documents, customer contacts, billing records and more are lost in the fire. Or that your precious valuables like jewellery, cash, passports, policy documents, title deeds are lost in the event of a burglary. By the time these unfortunate events happen, there is no turning back and no more point in regretting. Indeed, never let such situations happen without any protection, use fireproof file cabinets in your office or home office whenever possible.

Fire proof filing cabinets are cost effective precautions to take. In fact, they can be more cost efficient than fire insurance, considering the type of information protected and saved from fire or theft. In the event of fire, the amount of loss is not limited to what is extrinsic but more the intrinsic aspect of the business. The mailing list, business contact and other revenue generating data information which means survival and death of the business could be permanently lost for good.

The key aspect you need to familiar yourself with is the UL rating of the safe. UL refers to Underwriters Laboratories, a not for profit testing centre which tests and approves the authenticity of the units. The tests are done with specified temperature and time specifications. When you find the specification of 1 hour 350 UL rating, this would mean that your unit should last you at least one hour maintaining an internal temperature of 350 degree F. By industry standards, a 1 hour 350 UL rating fire proof filing cabinet should suffice an ordinary fire. Of course if you opt for a 2 hour one, you are obviously taking added precaution and will get greater protection.

There are also other types of tests that evaluate the robustness of the units. Take for instance the explosion test which require a tenacity of withstanding 2,000 degree as well as a 30 foot impact drop tests. Locking mechanisms are always a key focus for the manufacturers. While fire proof file cabinets are often available in key lock systems, you can request for customization for other types of locks like combination, or biometric systems.