Mayıs 18, 2022


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Generating and Buying Health Insurance Leads

If you work in the business of selling health insurance either as a broker or as an agent, you probably already know that getting quality health insurance leads is half the battle. A good lead coverts so much better into sales than a bad one, not to mention cold calling. Good leads are literally the backbone of the industry. Without good health insurance leads you will not convert a lot of calls into sales. Of course it would be great if you didn’t need leads at all, but in reality people are not picking up the phone calling you without knowing you and if you don’t have a big marketing budget to spend on relevant yellow pages or magazine ads, then you will lose out to the biggest brokers who get most of their customers this way. Offline lead generation is hard these days.

Purchasing health insurance leads is something to consider. If you have never purchased health insurance leads online, you may have some reservation about doing so. Do these leads actually convert? Are they fresh? How much do they cost? All good questions to ask yourself before buying leads from anyone. Online leads are cheaper to come by than offline leads, but what is the reason for this, and how do these companies generate them?

Companies that sell leads online are usually experts in a very important field: SEO or search engine optimization. That means they are experts in attracting traffic from internet users trough the main search engines, such as Yahoo, Google or MSN. What they do is that they have a large network of websites and ads that they have optimized over the years to attract only the visitor that actively go online to purchase insurance. They do this by tweaking the content and structure of their network until they get the visitors they want, that is: visitors that are looking to buy insurance.

When you become a client with one of these companies, you get access to their real time leads. The way it works is that you choose which leads you want based on age, geography and additional information and when a potential customer fills out a ‘get quote form’ somewhere on the web, you instantly get the information sent to you. In most cases that means your leads will be fresh as can be and you can actually make the call while the user is still browsing the internet. That is one very good method of getting in touch with “high buying temperature” clients.

There are other benefits as well to buying your health insurance leads online. You will get a lot of freedom in which leads you purchase. Maybe you have a very specific target group that you sell to. By getting your leads online, you usually have many choices on filtering which leads you want, so you only receive those that you know convert for you. You also have the option on simply testing out these leads as most companies do not require you to buy a membership to their sites.