Mayıs 17, 2022


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How to File a Home Insurance Claim Fast

You may ask now that a loss has occurred; how do I report the claim information to my insurance company? There are a number of ways available to you most 24/7.

Today the majority of the insurance companies have web based reporting. You go to the insurance company website and follow the link to the claim reporting page. There you will find instructions and a web form that are specific to your companies’ guidelines for claim reporting. Typically the web based reporting is designed for the small and less complex property losses, and not a major property loss, e.g. a large fire loss where your residence is not livable. Also using the web some carriers are even providing the ability to report losses via a mobile app for iPhone and iPod touch.

Other methods include toll free telephone numbers and by contacting your insurance agent directly. In either of these cases the agent or the call center representative will have company specific forms and questions that will be asked of you.

The standardized information that is typically required by homeowner insurance companies for property loss and damage reporting is found on the ACORD (Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development) form. If you have available the information on this form, you will be good to go with everything the insurance company requires to quickly get your claim started, and underway towards a settlement.

As the investigation and adjustment of your property damage claim progresses you very likely will encounter other claim forms. The most common are the personal property inventory and Proof of loss. Again most of these forms are standardized and can be transmitted electronically.

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