Ocak 16, 2022


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National Motor Club – What You Need to Know When Shopping

There are now many options for affordable roadside assistance from national motor clubs. There are companies all over the United States that allow you to purchase a roadside assistance plan that will provide you with an 800 number to call in the case that your vehicle is disabled. Once you call this service, they will dispatch a third-party provider to change your tire or deliver fuel if you run out of gas.

Although they operate in the same manner, they are not all equal. Some have very distinct plans and prices.

Some of the things you should know first

Does the plan cover the individual or vehicle?

There are plans that cover both. If the plan covers a vehicle, it is great for families that have many drivers and few vehicles. This allows you to save a significant amount of money since you will not have to cover each driver as an individual member. Almost all plans cover the individual regardless of what vehicle they are driving. These plans are a little more comprehensive and also a little pricier.

You can save with a membership organization.

There are often membership organizations that allow you to pay a low yearly fee and have access to thousands of dollars of savings. Many of these organizations have roadside assistance plans at discounted prices. An example of this type of organization is the American Seniors Association. Here senior citizens can save money on all kinds of products and service plans for around $15 per year.

How many service calls are allowed?

Many plans limit you to two calls per year. Other good plans offer up to four calls per year. There are some great premium plans that offer up to six. There are even some that are unlimited but they are very hard to find.

How many miles of towing are offered?

Towing mileage is very important. If you are a mile from home then there is not really much of an emergency. If you are 30 to 50 miles from home then you have an emergency. Your vehicle needs to be taken to a repair facility but you are so far away that you probably don’t know or trust any repair shops in that area. Make sure that your roadside assistance plan has at least 50 miles of towing to the repair facility.