Mayıs 17, 2022


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Should You Get Family Holiday Insurance for an Inland Break?

If you’re thinking of taking a family break in your homeland, you may be thinking of forgetting the whole family holiday insurance issue. After all, you’re close to home, so what could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, as we all know, things can still happen to scupper the best-planned holidays. Here are three good reasons why you should still make getting cover one of the top things to do on your list.

It will pay out if you have to cancel for a specific reason

All policies will vary, but they will all provide some degree of cover in case you have to cancel your holiday. Normally this will cover such instances as suffering bereavement if someone close to you dies, but it can also cover the serious illness or accident involving someone covered by the policy. Other major events that may cause you to cancel your holiday can also be covered by family holiday insurance.

Family holiday insurance can also provide cover for personal possessions

If your luggage were to disappear, what else would you lose other than clothing? Maybe you keep your camera tucked away in there so it doesn’t break, or perhaps you have other valuables in your suitcase so you don’t have to carry them on your person. Whatever the case may be, you’ll soon realise a good policy isn’t quite as optional as you thought it might be – especially if you want to be fully covered for all eventualities.

You’ll be covered if any luggage goes missing

Having your suitcase go missing while on your way to your destination isn’t the worst thing that could happen. However, you would still end up with no clothes or possessions, so it is certainly inconvenient. It would also take away some of the pleasure and relaxation of your vacation, since you’d almost certainly have to go shopping for replacements. This would cost a fair sum too – a sum that could have been at least partially covered by a good family holiday insurance policy.

As you can see, it does still make sense to get cover for your whole family even if you are just planning on having a homeland-based break. It doesn’t matter whether it is for a weekend away or a longer period of a week or two – the most important thing is that you have the best cover you can possibly get. Of course you would hope never to need it or use it, but it does mean you’ve got that extra peace of mind if you find you do have to call on your insurers to come up with some help. And that’s priceless.