Mayıs 17, 2022


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Weird Things People Insure

If you thought about what types of insurance you have, you could probably only think of a few. If you’re lucky, you have health insurance, life insurance, homeowner’s, car, and maybe one or two other insured things. Most people don’t know it, but you can get insurance on some pretty off-the-wall things. Take it from multiple celebrities; they’re insuring body parts. In this market, insurance companies often offer policies that pay if something damages the appearance of functionality of a body part. You may know this as a contract clause for professional athletes, but who would have guessed it was a legitimate form of insurance? You would have to seriously ask yourself if insuring a body part was worth it. For most of us, the answer is undoubtedly no. But if you’re Peyton Manning, it helps to have an insurance policy on your right arm.

Another weird and not so common thing that people insure is a golf game. If you’ve ever participated in a game of golf or a tournament, then you’ve probably seen a hole-in-one prize. Anyone who scores this shot during a game will win money, a new car, etc. This is a very common thing in the world of golf tournaments. And as rare as a hole-in-one is on average, you’d be surprised how many are actually made. So, they’re losing money every time someone makes the shot, right? Wait just a minute. The people/companies offering the prize take insurance out against someone showing up and making the fluke shot. The hole-in-one insurance policy is part of a broader class known as price indemnification insurance, which is used on various game shows and contests. The event sponsor pays a premium to an insurer, and if someone makes the shot, wins the prize, etc, the policy picks up the tab.

So much for ransom notes. If you happen to ever be kidnapped and held for ransom, having to pay the fee to be released can possibly ruin your financial situation. The well-to-do and workers in high-risk areas have a ransom insurance policy to signup with. These policies are typically held by businessmen who work in dangerous areas, and they offer indemnity coverage for any loss incurred by whoever pays the ransom. The losses include the sum of the ransom itself, any money lost in transit, expenses of the team to deliver the ransom, the hiring of professionals such as negotiators, and rewards offered for the same return of the victim.

Perhaps the oddest insurance policy of all comes from Lloyd’s of London. Over the years, this company has sold policies for vampire bites, werewolf attacks, and alien abduction. Over 40,000 policies have been sold to insure against alien abduction. If you claim to have been abducted, can pass a lie detector test, and have video or a third-party witness, then you’ll be compensated at the tune of 1-million-pounds.