Mayıs 18, 2022


Convenience and Security at Your Fingertips

What Is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a type of insurance . It covers all or part of a person’s risk of incurring medical expenses. It has made a significant contribution to public health and health economics in recent years . Health insurance covers expenses related to contingencies such as prescriptions , daily clinical and medical examinations , surgery , illness or injury . By estimating the overall health risk and the risk of health system expenses , an insurer calculates the monthly premium or payroll tax.can develop a routine financial structure such as

What is the Importance of Health Insurance?

By getting health insurance, you start to benefit from many advantages. You have 7 important reasons to have a health insurance!

1. Thanks to the health insurance, you have the freedom to be treated at the hospital or doctor you see fit.

2. You are protected against high treatment costs with a low premium payment.

3. Depending on the terms of the policy, you have the opportunity to be treated anywhere in the world under your insurance.

4. By having health insurance not only for yourself, but also for your spouse or child, you will ensure their future as well.

5. You have the opportunity to deduct the premium payments you have made for your health insurance from your tax base.

6. You can easily access many health services that you have difficulty in paying through health insurance.

7. You can cover the costs of emergency treatments that occur as a result of the accident, thanks to your health insurance, and you will have the opportunity to return to your normal life as soon as possible.

What Does Health Insurance Services Cover?

What Does Inpatient Treatment Cover?

  • Inpatient treatments with or without any surgical intervention (surgery)
  • Limb and reconstructive prostheses within limits
  • Medical supplies to be used during the surgery (platinum, pacemaker, etc.)
  • Dental treatment expenses after a traffic accident
  • Intensive care expenses
  • Overseas treatment coverage
  • Examination and examination expenses after chemotherapy and radiotherapy procedures
  • ambulance service
  • Treatment plan for home care
  • Physical therapy applications after surgery
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pregnancy and birth coverage

What is Outpatient Treatment? What Does It Include?

Outpatient treatment; It includes interventions that do not require hospitalization for 24 hours or more in the health institution you apply for treatment in case of any illness. Outpatient services are as follows:

  • The doctor’s examination, diagnosis and treatment in line with your complaint
  • The drug(s) to be used in the treatment recommended after the diagnosis of your disease
  • Analysis and X-ray requested by the doctor for diagnosis
  • Use of modern diagnostic devices such as MRI, tomography and scintigraphy
  • It includes the costs that may arise with the physical therapy process.

What are the Points to Consider While Making Health Insurance?

The following items are important points for getting supplemental health insurance that fits your budget and needs. Here are some things to consider when choosing a Complementary Health Insurance:

  1. Who in your family will be insured and the number of people to be insured
  2. Age limit
  3. Health plan type : Inpatient only coverage or outpatient coverage + inpatient coverage
  4. Coverage scope
  5. Coverage limits
  6. Additional guarantees
  7. Exemption and waiting times
  8. Cases out of guarantee
  9. Anlaşmalı hastane ağı
  10. Lifetime renewal warranty period
  11. No damage discount
  12. Special conditions. Before purchasing supplemental health insurance, be sure to check the special conditions and ask your insurance consultant about the situations that come to your mind.