Mayıs 18, 2022


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What is Life Insurance?

life insurance; Sadness such as death, disability, dangerous illness or unemployment are also included in life. What matters is our attitude and preparation for these situations. Life insurance, if you experience such situations during your policy; provides you, the beneficiaries you have specified or your legal heirs to be paid in the amount of the coverage specified in the policy.

What is the Importance of Life Insurance?

  • It allows you to maintain your life standards in the same way in case of any disability.
  • It provides you with financial support in the event of an unexpectedly dangerous illness.
  • In case of death, your loved ones can maintain their living standards with the money to be paid to them. If you have children who continue their education, it ensures that their education is not interrupted.
  • You can deduct your paid premiums from your income tax base with a tax advantage of up to 15%.*The legal limit cannot exceed 15% of the monthly gross wage and the annual amount of the annual minimum wage. It cannot exceed 15% of the declared income and the annual minimum wage for taxpayers submitting a declaration.
  • As a result of an accident covered by the policy, your high amount of treatment expenses will be paid with low premiums.
  • Thanks to AgeSA Life Insurance policies tailored for you, you will have free services and discounts in the field of health and education.

What Does Life Insurance Services Cover?

  • death,
  • death as a result of accident,
  • Complete and partial disability as a result of accident,
  • Accidental treatment costs,
  • Complete and partial disability as a result of illness,
  • Includes hospital day-to-day compensation coverage as a result of an accident.
  • According to the general terms of the Annual Life Insurance, the guarantees are for 1 year.

What are the Points to Consider While Making Life Insurance?

In Life insurance transactions, wrong steps can be taken mostly due to lack of time, misdirection by a partner or ignorance, and mistakes made during the contract can be noticed when there is a damage situation. Due to the fact that the agreement is made in this direction, the insurance company may not pay the compensation or the full compensation may not be received in such cases. 

In order to avoid such problems and for the agreement to be healthier and longer-term, the people who will take out insurance may need to pay attention to some issues. 

Provide accurate and complete information when taking out life insurance

In Life insurance contracts drawn up according to the statements of the insured and the insured person, it is very important that the person who will take out the insurance provides the insurance company with accurate and complete information so that the needs of the policy can be fully met. If the person does not provide accurate and complete information, the insurance company may prepare the contract under more severe conditions or cancel this contract. 

Read your life insurance policy very carefully

The contract between the life insurance company and the insured person is called an insurance policy, and since there are provisions binding both parties in this policy, the articles in this contract should be read very carefully. 

Review the general terms of your life insurance

The general conditions of life insurance should be examined in order to be able to understand the situations provided by the insurance and not covered by the insurance, the duties of the insurance company and the insured person, and to have information about the basic issues. 

When preparing your life insurance policy, always ask when there are points that you do not understand.

Do not hesitate to ask your life insurance company about issues or situations that you do not understand while preparing your insurance policy. If you don’t know what situations they cover when there is an item that doesn’t fit your mind, your insurance may not cover these damages in case of a future damage, and in order to avoid such consequences, do not hesitate to ask the insurance company until you are clear about your policy. 

Examine the special conditions in the policy

While the policy is being prepared, conditions that will not be against the insured or that may narrow the provisions of the general conditions may be included in this contract. For this reason, it is very important that the special conditions in the contract are examined by the insurer. 

Make sure you pay for your life insurance policy

Life Insurance coverage starts after the payment of the first installment, if the insurance fee is agreed to be paid in full or in installments. This insurance policy becomes valid after the payment of the term or premium amount specified in the insurance to the insurance company. The insurance policy is approved; however, if the payment has not been made by the person who took out the insurance, this coverage does not start. 

Check the exemption or co-insurance application, if any in your policy

It can be agreed between the insurer and the insured that damages up to a certain percentage of the insurance value can be covered by the insurer. In this case, a discount can be made on the premium amount to be paid by the insurance company, since a certain part of the damage is shared with the insured person. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of exemption or co-insurance practices that will affect the amount of compensation you will receive at the time of damage, you should make an agreement accordingly.