Mayıs 18, 2022


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What Is Motor Insurance?

Motor insurance, or in short, traffic insurance, is insurance for automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and other road vehicles. The purpose of traffic insurance is to partially or completely cover the damage caused to the property or life of the “other party” in case of an accident, depending on the misdemeanor rate. Special conditions of vehicle insurance may change with legal regulations in each region.

What is the Importance of Motor Insurance?

Motor Insurance; In addition to the main guarantees it has, it also secures you and your vehicle against many situations that you do not want to happen to you with the additional guarantees that may be included in your policy. In other words, motor insurance is a type of vehicle insurance that directly considers the benefits of the vehicle owner.
We hope that you will not have to take advantage of the guarantees offered by this insurance, but it is useful to take precautions against the bad surprises of life! Now, let’s list the advantages of having Auto Insurance.

1. Covers Damages That May Occur as a result of Accident

Not only the damages that may occur in the accidents caused by the opposite side; It also partially or completely covers vehicle damages that may be caused by you. What damages can be covered is specified in the policy.

2. Offers Towing Service

Since the vehicle becomes immobile in most accidents or breakdowns, the tow truck is of great importance. For this reason, insurance companies also offer free towing services within certain conditions and limits.

3. Gives a Spare Vehicle

Since your vehicle is in the process of repair due to accidents, breakdowns and similar situations and you cannot use your vehicle, you will be given a replacement vehicle by the insurance company. Thus, you can continue your daily life without being affected by negative situations that may occur.

4. Also Applies in Case of Theft

Most insurance companies will also compensate partially or completely for damages that may occur in cases such as theft, usually at an additional cost. If the vehicle is stolen or damaged as a result of theft attempt, the insurance company can cover these losses within the scope of the insurance policy.

5. Relieves Damage Caused by Natural Disasters

Damages that may occur in your vehicle as a result of different natural events such as hail, heavy rain, fire, landslide, earthquake can also be covered by the motor insurance.

6. Helps with Health Problems

Thanks to the health services that can be added to the coverage, your insurance company can also provide support in cases related to life safety such as injury and death that may occur as a result of accident.

7. Additional Services Available

You should not think of these insurances as just the standard services they provide, and you should not forget that you can add a different service you need for your vehicle into the motor insurance coverage. Many different options such as locksmith service for the vehicle, loss of vehicle keys, insurance coverage of vehicle accessories can be optionally covered.

What Does Motor Insurance Services Cover?

Since motor vehicle insurance is an optional type of insurance, it can be extended with any coverages desired by the vehicle owner, apart from the standard coverages such as theft or theft of the vehicle. In other words, you can choose the scope of automobile insurance.

Earthquake and Volcano Ejection Coverage: Damages that may occur due to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which are among natural disasters, are covered.

Flood and Flood Coverage: Damages caused by flood and flood will be paid within the scope of this cover.

Other Natural Disaster Coverage: It provides coverage against damages caused by natural disasters such as hail, landslide, lightning, storm that may occur other than floods and earthquakes.

Terrorism Coverage: It is the guarantee made to cover the damages that may occur to your vehicle in situations such as strikes, turmoil, public movements, terrorism.

Obsolescence Guarantee: It is the guarantee that provides the replacement of the old parts of the vehicle, which will be renewed after the damage, with the replacement of new parts without any charge.

Usage Income Loss Coverage: It is the guarantee that ensures that transportation expenses such as taxi or rental car within the city are covered within certain limits in case the vehicle cannot be used after damage.

Flameless Fire Coverage: Damages other than fire caused by the contact of cigarettes and similar materials with equipment inside the vehicle such as seats and floors are covered within the scope of this coverage.

Personal Accident Coverage: It is the guarantee that provides the assurance that the legal heirs of the occupants of the vehicle will be paid in case of death as a result of the accident, and compensation will be paid to them in case of permanent disability, within the limits specified in the policy.

Treatment Coverage: It is the coverage that ensures that the treatment of the people in the vehicle is covered with a certain limit in accidents with the insured vehicle.

Towing / Withdrawal Coverage: It is the guarantee that covers the costs incurred in case the vehicle is towed by people who do not comply with the rules and are not authorized.

Theft Coverage of the Vehicle with the Main Key: This is the coverage that covers the expenses incurred as a result of theft of the vehicle as a result of threatening the owner of the insured vehicle or seizing the key by force, taking the key by forcing closed areas such as home or workplace, entrusting the vehicle to the valet in places such as restaurants and parking lots.

Damages Caused by Rodents or Other Animals: It is the guarantee that covers the damages that may occur in the electrical parts, engine and mechanical parts of the vehicle with a high probability of gnawing or other animals. Coverage does not include pets or pets picked up by the vehicle owner.

Lock System Coverage: It is the cover that covers the expenses that may occur in the lock system in case the vehicle is stolen by someone else.

Wrong Fuel Filling Coverage: It is the guarantee that covers the expenses that may occur in your vehicle as a result of intentionally or accidentally filling your vehicle with different fuel by the pump at your gas station.

Mini and Midi Repair Coverage: Interior trim repair, glass, paint, plastic part, paintless dent repair, rim replacement; It is included in the mini-repair coverage of which size and limit are determined. Midi repair coverage is part replacement and repair without questioning the extent of the damage to the vehicle.

What are the Points to Consider While Making Motor Insurance?

It is very important that the company from which you have your motor insurance policy stays in contact with you. You should be able to easily reach your insurance company at any time.

It is very important that all or part of the treatment and hospital expenses arising from the injury caused by the accident are covered by your insurance company, depending on your coverage.

One of the often overlooked or neglected coverages is the damage caused by using the wrong fuel. Make sure that the damage caused by the wrong fuel use is covered by the policy.

One of the points you need to compare while doing company research is the vehicle service coverage and skills of the company that you will take out motor insurance insurance. The main reason for this is that it is very important that your vehicle, which is damaged as a result of a possible accident, is maintained by a competent authorized service.