Mayıs 18, 2022


Convenience and Security at Your Fingertips

What Is Travel Insurance

Today, it is to travel for both business and leisure purposes. The risks you may encounter with various problems that you may travel with travellers. Travel politics, those who can afford it. It can be applied for both domestic and international travels.

What is the Importance of Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that insures you in cases such as health problems and loss of luggage that you may encounter during your trip. With the insurance you will make when purchasing your flight ticket, you can insure yourself against 15 different risks during your travel. If you get sick, your treatment costs up to 1,000 Euros in the country and 30,000 Euros abroad are covered.

What Does Travel Insurance Services Cover?

  • Due to injury or illness
  • Transfer of the insured due to injury or illness
  • Transfer to permanent residence after discharge
  • Transport of the deceased insured
  • Injury or to teach children to write
  • Family members in the settlement to be made to the assured
  • Accommodation of the insured from family members at the place of residence
  • Return trip from family members from today
  • Return trip due to incident at home
  • Delivery of luggage
  • Luggage, damage or tampering on scheduled flights
  • delayed luggage
  • Giving bail as a debt in legal presentation
  • giving medication
  • Transmission of emergency music

What are the Points to Consider While Making Travel Insurance?

The general terms of travel insurance are determined by the state. That’s why the terms and types of travel insurance are the same. There are two options for coverage in travel insurance. In the first option, you get a total coverage of 100 days, but this coverage is limited to 60 days per trip. In the second option, there is no total time limit, but there is a limit of 90 days per trip. At the end of these periods, you must enter the country for the validity of your travel insurance. Hand-written policies are not accepted in some consulates. Otherwise, your payment may be declined.