Mayıs 18, 2022


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What’s My Home Insurance Going to Do About My Shoe Collection If My House Goes Up in Flames?

We’ve all got our priorities in life. Our friends. Our families. Our jobs. And a great pair of shoes. Really, is there anything better than slipping on a sweet pair of Gucci loafers or Dolce & Gabbana boots? Or that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you pull on a pair of Nike’s high tech running shoes? You’ve got to love being able to kick back and relax with a smile on your feet, and over time many of us manage to accumulate a pretty impressive shoe collection. The question is, what’s going to happen to those thousand dollar shoes if your house goes up in flames?

That’s where your home insurance comes in. You’d be amazed at what homeowners insurance companies will cover. For example, have you heard the one about the South Carolina lawyer who insured a $1,500 box of Cuban cigars? His insurance company decided that was a reasonable request, and happily extended his coverage. Of course, over the course of the next month the lawyer proceeded to smoke his way through the box, then reported them lost in “a series of small fires”. Astonishingly, a judge ruled that these “small fires” caused completely by a lighter and a chillin’ lawyer, fell under the lawyer’s insurance policy.

The insurance company turned around and sued him for insurance fraud, claiming the destruction of the cigars was arson. That lawyer then did time and paid a huge fine for a case that most people would have expected to be laughed out of court. Go figure.

Anyway, to step aside from the crazed depravity of our legal system for a minute, it’s astonishing what can happen when you start looking for a good insurance policy. Your home insurance provider will happily extend coverage to your shoe collection as long as you make sure to list them in your itemized listing of “stuff” you need covered, and make sure your insurance provider knows where you’re going to be keeping them!

This might seem like an obvious one (after all, it’s not like your shoe closet is going anywhere), but think about this-homeowners insurance companies will extend their coverage to include anything your kids decide to take with them on-campus. With theft as the number one crime committed at colleges across the nation, it’s good to know you’ve got your insurance company backing you up. But they’re not going to pay to insure a pair of shoes ripped off from a dorm room that they thought you had safe at home.

Now that you know your homeowners insurance has your shoe collection covered, all that’s left is to find the right pair of leather pumps for your new dress. Everything else is just details.