Mayıs 18, 2022


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What’s Usually Included in Ski Travel Insurance?

Nothing is more fun than skiing down a new slope, or trying a new trick on a snowboard, but they would not be nearly as much fun without that certain amount of risk. If you have been skiing or snowboarding, you know exactly how dangerous it can be. Even if you have not personally been in an accident, most have seen patrol teams helping injured persons off the slopes. In the case that you are the one injured, ski travel insurance will provide coverage in multiple ways.

Medical expenses are absolutely covered with ski travel insurance. Most policies are designed to cover all medical care that you receive on the slopes, and any you receive at a health facility in the location you plan on visiting. Accidents do happen, especially while skiing, and it is always nice to have zero worries in the case of an accident.

Emergency medical evacuation coverage is designed to pay for any medical transportation to help you off the slope. Depending on your expertise as a skier and the type of slopes you intend to take, it could be expensive to get you back to somewhere safe. Ski travel insurance pays for any of these expenses, and in the event of a serious emergency, will even pay the costs to get you home. Going up a mountain is a lot easier knowing you can come back down.

Multilingual emergency assistance, depending on your travel location this could be absolutely necessary, or just an extra feature. With this benefit you can rest assured that your family will be kept up to date in the event of an emergency, no matter where you are. With some policies offering over forty languages your family will be completely informed.

Trip cancellation benefits are an excellent feature to ski travel insurance. This allows you to cancel your trip without having to worry about if you will be able to receive a refund for things like car rentals, hotel fees, plane tickets, etc. The insurer in most cases will pay you back any money you would lose to such things, and if you purchase early enough you can receive Cancel for Any Reason benefits. If you do not have a Cancel for Any Reason policy, then your insurance agency will typically only refund you money if you cancel due to a medical emergency.

In the case of fatal injury you should always have adequate life insurance or be positive that you have enough Accidental Death coverage in your ski travel insurance policy. Horrible accidents do occur, and no matter how unlikely, it is always a good thing to be insured.

When it comes to ski travel insurance, do not let a wonderful vacation become a medical expense nightmare. You should always consider the consequences of what will happen if an accident does occur, and how you will pay for that accident. Insurance is your safety net, and if you plan on doing something as dangerous as skiing, you need a safety net.