Mayıs 18, 2022


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Why Should You Get Home and Car Insurance From One Insurer?

Do you like two-for-one deals? Most of us do, whether we’re shopping for food, clothes or something else. Who doesn’t like saving money, right? Well, if you’re already insured for your home, car insurance could be from the same insurer. In today’s world of high competition and tight budgets, many of us are looking for more value in our purchases. One way to get it is by getting more than one type of insurance from the same insurer.

If you already have home insurance, then the first quote you should get for auto insurance is from your home insurance provider. A simple law of business is that it’s much tougher to get new customers, than to get repeat customers. What that means is that your current home insurance provider may have some bundles for home, car insurance, and other types. The bottom line is that you can save a small fortune with these packages. In general, getting multiple insurance policies from a single insurer can provide substantial savings.

Does this mean that you can always find the best deal through your home insurance company? In short, the answer is: no. While that’s where you should get your first quote, there’s no guarantee that it will be the lowest one.

Although there’s no written rule, you should get a bare minimum of three quotes before choosing a policy. What’s the reason? First, you’ll have more quotes to compare, which will help you to find a policy that’s a perfect fit for you. Also, you’ll be more likely to find a rock-bottom quote. So basically the rule “the more, the merrier” applies when searching for car insurance.

If you already have coverage for your home, car insurance could come from the same insurer. This will increase the likelihood of finding the best deal around, and decrease your chance of paying too much!